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This article is 12 years old, and might be out of date.

With the coming switch to digital projection, the Evans Theatre (and the Brandon Film Festival Inc., the non-profit corporation which presents movies at the Evans) faces a significant challenge.  In as little as a year, we will be unable to show films in the traditional sense; all movies will be delivered on digital media, rather than on film.  Our projection system will be obsolete.

There is a significant cost to a digital conversion.  We face a fundraising challenge in the neighbourhood of $80,000.00.  That’s a lot of money, especially for a small theatre in a small city in a small province.  We need help.

We’re not just standing still; we’re looking into all possible options, including grants, corporate sponsorship, and donations.  The Brandon Film Festival Inc., by the way, is a registered charity, able to provide tax receipts for donations received.

We really enjoy showing films to the people of Brandon and Westman; we’d love to be able to continue to do so.  Please consider a donation, if you’re able.

How to donate

Donate online

Donate Now Through!

If you’d prefer to send a cheque, our mailing address is:

Brandon Film Festival
PO Box 21084
West End Postal Outlet
Brandon MB
R7B 3W8

Cheques should be made out to Brandon Film Festival.

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