About the Evans

The Evans Theatre film programme is presented by the volunteers of the Brandon Film Festival, Inc. We get a great deal of support from TIFF‘s Film Circuit program.

Films show at the Evans on most weekends between September and April.

All seats $6. Discounted multi-movie passes available. We take cash only at the door. Special events may have special pricing.

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Got something to say? Want to suggest a movie?  Contact us!

Getting there

The Evans Theatre is located on the campus of Brandon University, in the George T. Richardson Building.

In the map below, the Evans Theatre is coloured light blue, and parking lots are coloured green. (Note that campus parking lots are free after 4:30 PM on weekdays, and all day on weekends, unless otherwise indicated by signs.)


14 thoughts on “About the Evans

  1. I was wondering what the prices are to attend a movie, or if there is a concession and how much it costs. As far as I can see these prices aren’t listed anywhere online. It would be helpful if this information was readily available to the public.

    1. Hi Ashlyn,

      Here’s the price breakdown:

      All seats are $6. You can also buy a 5-movie pass for $24 ($20 for students & seniors). Passes are transferable, so you can bring friends along.

      We have a concession with popcorn, drinks, and chocolate bars. All concession items cost $2.

      (All this info used to be at the bottom of every page, but it looks like I removed it when I updated the website’s look. Mea culpa.)

      See you at the Evans!

    1. Hi Jas,

      The passes will still be honoured next year, so if you buy one at the end of the current season, you can certainly still use it for the next season.

  2. I was wondering if there is chance you would be showing ‘Blood Quantum’ ‘Parasite’ or possibly ‘Jo Jo Rabbit’ was also wondering if an interest in horror movie double features would be welcomed if there was enough interest from the community? Or a special showing of Die Hard as Christmas season approaches?

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