Still from "Whispers in the Wheat"

Whispers in the Wheat

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Whispers in the Wheat is a crime thriller follows a young man’s journey to finish the heist his father died trying to complete.

Andrew Milton travels to a secluded farm in search of a valuable painting that was buried by his estranged father twenty years earlier.

Under the alias of a farm hand, Andrew begins his search but complications arise when he meets Janice, who alters his focus.

Unbeknownst to Andrew, James, the leader of the household, is also looking for the painting. Andrew has actually been hired to uncover for James what he himself has set out to find.

Tensions reach a boiling point when a discovery is made that has violent consequences.

Please note: Box office pricing for this special made-in-Manitoba film may differ from our regular Evans pricing; also, Evans passes will not be accepted. Advance Tickets are available.

Brought to life by local talent, our dedicated cast and crew came together during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to collaborate on this rural production.

Key creatives include Brandon’s own Writer/Director Alec Chambers; Miles S Crossman, local producer and co-founder of Brandon based The Grand Illusion Film Company; and Winnipeg producer and editor Rowan McCabe. Starring Brandon Wheeler, Rebbeca Schmautz, and Joey Maguire. This film features inspired performances from local talent Tyson Dornn, John Szabo, Marilyn Hardy and Virden’s Dean Munchinsky. Production began in August of 2020 on location in Rosendale, Manitoba.