Catch some Golden Globe nominees at the Evans!

The Golden Globe nominations have been announced, and guess what: You can check out some of them right here in Brandon, at the Evans! (Or, lucky you, you might have already seen some of them at the Evans.)

Best Motion Picture

Best Actress

Best Actor

Best Foreign Language Film

Best Supporting Actress

Best Supporting Actor

  • Timothée Chalamet, Beautiful Boy
  • Richard E. Grant, Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Best Director

  • Alfonso Cuarón, Roma

Best Screenplay

Full list of nominations

2 thoughts on “Catch some Golden Globe nominees at the Evans!

  1. Just wondering why do you only ever offer evening movies? I have a relative that comes in from out of town and would like to see a lot of these movies but can’t because that means driving back to where they live after dark. Offering a lot of these more popular movies during the day would be appreciated because if they come to the Evans theatre they don’t go to the Capitol theatre multiplex which means we miss out on a lot of the better movies

    1. Hi Chris,
      The Evans programme is run by a small group. Every one of us is a volunteer. We simply don’t have the people to add more showtimes.

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