Art Auction Winners

This article is 10 years old, and might be out of date.

Thank you all for your participation in our fundrasing auction. Your support toward our updgrade is very much appreciated. Your participation helped us raise $2725.00 toward our Evans “Save our Screen ” campaign.

Here are the winning bidders:

Cartwright – Kim Bright
Elkhorn – Community Futures Westman inc.
Elgin – Community Futures Westman Inc.
Lyleton – Julianne Kniskern
Napinka – Community Futures Westman Inc.
Neepawa – Community Futures Westman Inc.
Pipestone – Community Futures Westman Inc.
Melita – Community Futures Westman Inc.
Hartney – Brandon Dental Centre
Brandon CPR – Wayne Harrison
Brandon CNR/Prince Edward – Brandon Dental Centre
Brandon CNR/Prince Edward – Cando Contracting

Note: For the benefit of the Evans Fundraising – Lois made available a second CNR print!

Our heartfelt thanks to Lois Washington for contributing the works of William Hobbs. With out these prints our goal would be much further away.

We haven’t met our $90,000 goal yet but are now at half way point as a result of recently successful grants, public donations & the Hobbs Auction.

In just 7 months the public & grants have allowed us to raise a staggering $45,000. Unbelievable support from our audience has proven that Brandon wants the Evans to continue on .

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